New Building with Dark Oak


Clean lines, textured contrasts and fine details.

In the idyllic town of Rottach-Egern, a modern yet home-loving vacation apartment is being built in a new building. The goal: a cozy, contemporary and secluded domicile for relaxing hours in the Bavarian Oberland. EHAM is responsible for the entire process from design and project management to production and installation. This is how we guarantee the highest quality in all aspects.

Dark fumed oak flows through the entire interior concept in a stylish and deliberate way. This way, the flowing lines of the warm material itself invite the family to discover the apartment from the entrance, through the kitchen and into the living area with fireplace. In combination with the room-length wooden floor made of soaped oak, a cozy homely atmosphere is created.

The paneling and door frames in this timelessly designed apartment are characterized by a rough texture, while the fronts of the furniture are soft and smooth. The rough and polished characteristics create a vivid contrast — the interplay between the two structures brings liveliness to the ambience of the vacation apartment. Particular attention was paid while selecting the so-called riftware to ensure that there are few branch structures, which favors a smooth flow in the wood grain. The free composition of the individual wooden elements in the installation thus creates a loose and warm overall appearance.

Thanks to the smoking process, all wooden elements share the same look yet feature a slight variance in their coloring. The oak in the eat-in kitchen harmonizes particularly well with the worktop made of Wachenzell dolomite — a regional stone that was carefully and sensitively crafted to ensure a perfect fit. The so-called studded construction of the kitchen fronts forms a visually appealing bridge to the planning of the kitchen with counter and bar area, which is geometrically adapted to the floor plan of the apartment.

The study built into the pitched roof and the bedroom also visually mesh with the design of the other rooms. The bed is constructed in the style of the kitchen and is complemented by the deliberate use of deerskin.

The EHAM team is enthusiastic about this modern and yet nature-loving, alpine project and would like to wish the family an unforgettably relaxing time in Rottach-Egern.

2022, new building, Rottach-Egern
Photography: Sofie Latour