Cotidiano Modernization



Whether it is just a cup of coffee, lunch, a piece of cake and chitchat or a big brunch: you can forget about everything and just relax in a nice café. Guests at Cotidiano restaurants never want to leave again. Due to the unique interior concept, the unforgettable atmosphere and the modern culinary offer, you could spend hours there. In spring of 2012, the first restaurant opened at Gärtnerplatz, and there are now 10 locations in Munich, Regensburg, Stuttgart, Kiel and Hamburg. EHAM has been part of it since the beginning.

2022, redesign
Photography: Sofie Latour
Publication: Baumeister Magazin

Over the past 10 years, EHAM has been responsible for the expansion and interior design of the Cotidiano restaurants, playing a key role in creating their cozy and inviting atmosphere. Project manager Markus Limbrunner supervised all ten projects — including this year’s modernization of the Cotidiano at Gärtnerplatz in Munich. One of the particular challenges is the time frame in which the modernization is to take place. After all, the café should be open to its visitors without much of a hiatus. The modernization was able to take place within a short period of time in close coordination between all parties involved and thanks to a well-structured plan. This way, even regulars didn’t have to wait long to be sitting in their favorite café again.

The interior concept was updated in design to reflect contemporary style in preparation for all guests to feel a sense of comfort, warmth and tranquility in the years to come. The use of oak for the flooring and reclaimed spruce wood with wrought iron touches for the tables creates an inviting place for enjoyable encounters — whether it is a quick get-together or a long-awaited reunion. The special highlight of EHAM’s interior concept is the patchwork wall, also made of reclaimed spruce wood and highlighted in detail through the use of indirect lighting. In combination with the soothing leather on the benches and small accents across the room, coziness takes on a new look. Craftsman charm meets modern ambience — in the heart of the city.


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Next year, Hamburg can look forward to a second Cotidiano, where EHAM will once again be responsible for implementing the typical look. We are looking forward to this project and want to thank the whole team at Cotidiano for the great collaboration over the course of more than 10 years.