Distinguished elegance meets tasteful ambiance

The basic idea of the architecture alone sets this new construction apart. Built in the style of the stately country estates from the era of the founding villas, this house is emblematic of a time when attention was paid to class down to the finest details – from light switches and door frames to the final parquet floorboard. Communication with the customers played a central role during the design process of this holiday home. In close coordination, all requests and ideas were taken into account and integrated into the stylish yet timeless interior concept. EHAM realized the kitchen, the lounge and the high-quality wooden floor.

New construction, Upper Bavaria 2022
Architecture: Benno Bauer
Photography: Sofie Latour

With bright elegance, colorful surfaces and historic furniture, this house is a decidedly special place. Islands and spaces for encounters and interaction can be found everywhere. The eat-in kitchen with corner bench in the dining area and a spacious cooking island in the center comfortably seats 15 people to cook, enjoy a meal together and have a never-ending evening. But even for smaller groups, the kitchen offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Blue knitted lacquer on the fronts harmonizes with the worktop made of regional Jura stone and, in combination with some antique furniture from the owner’s private collection, creates a unique atmosphere. Large windows let plenty of natural light into the main kitchen as well as the smaller back kitchen. The open fireplace at the end not only provides cozy warmth and contributes to the homely ambiance – it is also suitable for barbecuing over fire and embers. An element that integrates the holiday domicile stylistically perfectly into its home.



EHAM developed a unique color shade for the oak parquet, thus collecting and amplifying the classic charm of the house. The herringbone pattern of the wooden floor underscores the homage to the last turn of the century – the entire house becomes a declaration of love to the founders’ period. The authentically restored tiled stove from this stylistic period provides spatial warmth in two senses – an artefact that could not have wished for a better place for its second life. With the fire crackling in the evening and a soothing warmth spreading through all rooms of the house, an indescribably beautiful coziness is created.

This extends all the way to the smoking lounge, which is in keeping with the style. A thick carpet, heavy leather seats and a built-in library give this room the charm of a classic study. With its smoked oak wall paneling, prominent marble fireplace and dark tones throughout the room, the smoking lounge is a cozy retreat that provides the perfect atmosphere for long evenings spent with cigars, a good glass of whiskey and long conversations.

This house, with all of its individual details and unique charm, is a perfect place for a short getaway, a relaxed couples’ week or a long holiday with friends and family.

The team at EHAM had a lot of fun designing and implementing the living areas for this stylish and cozy villa.