Schreinerei, Innenarchitektur, Tegernsee, maßangefertigt, Handwerk, Familienunternehmen

Obsessed with details and efficient

Our performance, like that of any company, depends on how individually and reasonably internal and external processes are structured. Working with the natural material wood seems to be purely analog, at first glance. However, the foundation of all of our projects is an elaborate framework of processes and workflows that are becoming ever more digitalized.
This not only makes our work more efficient but also offers opportunities to interconnect content and structures in order to enable an even better flow of information between all departments at EHAM and the customers.

This was the mission Andreas Flaig embarked on this summer. He has always had an interest in technology and in optimizing workflows. Andreas is now studying interior design in Rosenheim and is writing his bachelor’s thesis on the question of how order processes can be digitally optimized in medium-sized companies, using EHAM as an example. His analysis and optimization focus on manufacturing at EHAM.

The findings paint a promising picture for the future. A practical and centrally designed tool could make it possible to combine documents, communication, inventory and order status in order to provide everyone involved with exactly the content they need at any given time from a common database. For example, when ordered material arrives at the warehouse, the team in manufacturing is notified so that the next steps can be taken. Once a process is completed, all relevant information can be transmitted to the department that is next in line. This makes our workflow even more flexible and, through the possible use of an app, also independent of location.

Andreas Flaig is currently in the final stages of his bachelor thesis — we are grateful to him for the analysis and his innovative ideas for solutions.

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The entire team at EHAM wishes Andreas Flaig all the best for the future!

Photography: Sofie Latour
November 2022

Schreinerei, Innenarchitektur, Tegernsee, maßangefertigt, Handwerk, Familienunternehmen
Schreinerei, Innenarchitektur, Tegernsee, maßangefertigt, Handwerk, Familienunternehmen