Our carbon footprint: our plan is working.

As a company, we do not only bear responsibility for our economic success and our team – but also for the influence our daily actions as a company have on our environment.

In recent months, we were very transparent about how we want to set up and change EHAM in order to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Now, the results from 2022 are available. A year, in which much has changed at EHAM and in the minds of our team.

October, 2023
Photography: Sofie Latour

Responsibility on all levels

EHAM’s CO2 emissions are divided into three scopes, which are all evaluated individually.

Scope 1: Direct emissions at EHAM – this includes our facilities as well as local consumption

Scope 2: Indirect emissions by energy suppliers – this exclusively includes purchased energy

Scope 3: Indirect emissions in EHAM’s upstream and downstream supply chain – this includes travels, delivery routes of partner companies, logistics, etc. …

We have conducted a detailed analysis of all three areas and implemented concrete measures – such as switching to green electricity, installation of PV facilities, continuous reduction of consumption of fossil fuels and installation of a total of 10 e-mobility charging points on EHAM’s premises. Additionally, we will be gradually replacing our combustion vehicles with electric vehicles. For scope 3, we are focusing on reliable, trustworthy and future-oriented partner companies, treating the topic of climate friendliness with the same aspirations as us. We can only make an actual difference by combining our forces.

The analysis for 2022 has shown that we were able to decrease per capita emissions at EHAM by 35% within two years.

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Our home. Our task. Our compensation.

We have always been very in touch with nature – not least because wood is one of the most precious wonders of our diverse environment. In order to compensate a portion of the emissions at our location, for which we are currently responsible, we have invested into two valuable projects in cooperation with Climate Neutral Group, a Dutch B Corp Company. Thus, 311t CO2 will be compensated.

The first of these projects is the production of biochar. This high-carbon, charcoal-like material is produced by pyrolysis of biomass. Once integrated into the soil, it serves as permanent carbon storage, thus contributing to a reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The second project aims at realizing efficient stoves for developing countries, in our case in Africa. For us, cooking is something taken for granted – but for large swathes of the world’s population, cooking with inferior equipment leads to significant health risks and environmental damages.

The stoves will contribute to a secure and healthy environment for countless families and we are very thankful for that. Additionally, the project contributes to combating deforestation and to the reduction of greenhouse gases.