Our Roots: Passion and Dedication.

Every tree originates from a seed. Growing over the course of decades, it is rooted firmly in its home soil and spreads its branches in all directions. At first glance, every tree looks about the same – but each one is unique in its own right. They are all made from different wood.

This also applies to the history of EHAM.

Josef Eham grew up in a family of hoteliers, but decided to go his own way. The carpentry EHAM at lake Tegernsee grew from a passion for handicrafts and a love for all things local. The carpentry, originally a one-man operation, grew over the years. EHAM continued its development at every construction site, with every challenge, and with every completed project.

Perfection – from Generation to Generation

In addition to family members, more and more people with a passion for the art of carpentry joined EHAM. This united a multitude of different personalities and with them a young generation with new ideas emerged. The team at EHAM values handcrafted perfection, regional connection and high quality.

A focus on holistic thinking and innovations creates a space for modern design. This is why EHAM is an internationally renowned partner for the design and implementation of unique room concepts.

Schreinerei, Innenarchitektur, Tegernsee, maßangefertigt, Handwerk, Familienunternehmen

We Work out of Conviction.

With family and team working hand in hand, balance between tradition and innovation is struck every day at EHAM. We embody our conviction at every step of the way: Selected materials and progressive thinking form the basis for the creation of incomparable living spaces.

Over the course of 35 years, the seed of an idea grew into a philosophy. It is rooted in the proven principles of handicrafts and the striving for sense & sustainability. Ideas, spaces, and materials exist in harmony with nature.

This attitude distinguishes us, as we are cut from a different cloth.