Four new apprentices and the joy of carpentry

Every year in September, Eham welcomes new apprentices to the company. Lukas Daxeder, Margit Probst, Korbinian Linseisen and Maximilian Magath have already completed their basic vocational training year and will spend the next two years learning putting that training into practice.

The trainees were already given an idea of what it means to work with wood in advance. Our supervisor, Klaus Kell, spent a week providing practical training for the new interns. “Just to get to know each other. And to see if it’s a match. We usually build their first mortise and slotted joints together.”

Team Campus - Eham's own apprentice workshop

What is really important to us is that the apprentices at Eham are more than just cheap labor. ” We might ask more of our apprentices than other companies, but they learn something in return,” explains Klaus Kell.

That is why we put together the Team Campus project. In the workshop area that was designed especially with the apprentices in mind, supervising carpenter and Campus team leader Tobias Huber can take a lot of time for the apprentices and carries our specific orders with them. This way, we can support each one individually and, parallel to working through all departments, work with the apprentices in a targeted approach.

Margit Probst has already learned a lot. “I can use an edge banding machine and the rip saw now,” she says about her first month of work experience. When asked why she wants to become a carpenter, Margit does not hesitate for a second: “I just really like carpentry. When you work with wood, you never get bored. Every plank is different. Just like every tree. That fascinates me.”

We are happy to welcome Lukas, Margit, Korbinian and Maximilian to our team.

Photography: Sofie Latour

October 2020