Regional nature - diversity in transition

The world of EHAM reflects the close connection to local nature. With years of experience in developing different fir floor looks, we have created a wide range of wooden floors – from solid long planks to rift-cut and multilayer floors in different colour nuances.

Our further development in craftsmanship and the use of new machines enable us to develop the perfect fir floor for you and your living space. Away from long transport routes, towards a conscious appreciation of our regional forests.

December 2023
Photography: Sofie Latour


Tree and space - Artful connection through production

The creation of our fir floors begins with the careful sizing and pre-selection of the wood. We use traditional processing methods such as planing, brushing and sanding, as well as techniques such as vacuum drying and steaming.

The pre-selection refers to the sorting of the wood, which opens up further individual possibilities – from calm and elegant to lively and rustic. This selection determines the next step in processing, the surface treatment, with which we achieve our broad spectrum of looks – whether through mechanical processing or reactions such as lyeing or soaping. Here we rely on VOC-free surface treatments with natural ingredients and without chemical lyes.


Substructure and installation - As circular and aesthetic as possible

The choice of substructure for your fir floor depends heavily on the context. Our preferred method is to screw the floor down and avoid using adhesives. This protects the environment in two ways: in the event of dismantling, the wooden floor can be reused and we avoid chemical adhesives.

In combination with underfloor heating, we particularly like to work with the lithotherm system, which uses purely natural materials such as basalt lava stones in the substructure.

Sometimes these variants cannot be used due to special features in the structural context, e.g. due to construction heights or other specifications when building in existing structures. In this case, conventional screed is the best option. When it comes to the aesthetics of the floor, the width of the wood and the way it is laid are decisive for the effect in the room. Depending on whether a room should appear narrower or wider, the floor is laid crosswise, lengthwise or diagonally. Do you let the interior take centre stage or is your fir plank the main protagonist? We’ll work with you to find out.


Fir floors in their full glory

We always make sure that the natural sensitivity of fir is taken into account to ensure an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our fir floors are used in numerous projects and demonstrate their versatility. With a rich colour spectrum ranging from soapy whites to olive hues, they offer almost endless design possibilities. Our projects, such as the Tegernsee Hofdiele or the Gufferttanne, bring to life how fir wood can characterise the ambience of a room and shape the character of a home.