Two minds think bigger

Every project is more than just the end result. It takes weeks of preparation, organization and planning before the first steps can even be taken in the workshop.

Our project managers take on these tasks — they are responsible for the end-to-end supervision of a project and ensure a seamless and transparent exchange between the individual contractors.

Because high-quality work can only come about when everyone is pulling together.

A demanding and extensive project in southern Germany led to two of our EHAM project managers sharing the responsibilities: Tuna and Karl. They have been an integral part of our team for a long time and their many years of expertise in the joinery trade form the structural basis for the success of this challenging project. The villa was planned over the course of four years and is now being built with a surface area of 3000 sqm over five floors. The two project managers have been sharing the responsibility for this project for 24 months. Architects, craftsmen, service providers and clients — all of these parties are working together to ensure the success of this project. And Tuna and Karl are pulling all the strings behind the scenes. According to the two project managers, the first and final weeks of a project are crucial.

Due to the size of the project, planning the individual work stages presented a challenge. The EHAM project managers took their cue from the progress of the respective teams. This is why there are no floors on the first floor yet, while the door frames are already being installed on the third floor. Simultaneously, senior fitter Steffen Rasch coordinates the assembly teams on the entire construction site — for example, for the installation of the wellness area, which requires special attention due to structural specifications.

Every detail is inspected, individually processed and implemented in a cost-efficient manner. This is the only way for the two project managers to ensure that this unique abode will be completed by April 2023, as planned.

In addition to adhering to schedules, the quality of our work is paramount at EHAM. This is also reflected in the satisfaction of our customers: after inspecting the first fully assembled floor on site, the customer was delighted. He “asked for perfection, and perfection is what he got”.

We look forward to completing this project and are proud of the entire team for mastering such an extensive venture.

Photography: Sofie Latour

October 2022