In The„Blickwinkel“ project receives international recognition and acclaim

From Lake Tegernsee to London — the “Blickwinkel” project, which was brought to life in cooperation with Felix Pöttinger, was awarded the Creative Conscience Award 2020 in London on September 28th. Creative Conscience supports creative projects with a social impact. In particular, the award jury values initiatives that inspire positive social change.

An objective that „Blickwinkel“ addresses as a pavilion, art installation and meeting place all at once. It is meant to sensitize people to the demands of the forest and draw attention to the immediate effects of climate change. Rising temperatures are causing an increase in the damage caused to our forests by drought and growing pest infestations.

The pavilion is an architectural response to the issue. The form is inspired by the longitudinally layered slats of a trunk that has been cut open. Damage-afflicted timber was used for the construction. The project was carried our for the first time in March last year at Lake Tegernsee.

A sustainable approach to the environment and a close connection to the surrounding forests is a constant concern for Eham. We want to give affected rangers a voice with this project and initiate a dialogue to find common solutions. It is a great honor for us to have this recognized by the Creative Conscience Award 2020 (CCA).

Eham Creative Conscience Award
Eham Blickwinkel
Eham Blickwinkel Creative Conscience Award
Dominikus Eham and Felix Pöttinger Blickwinkel Creative Conscience Award