Interior architecture is a matter of the heart. It’s about finding out what fulfils us beyond the latest trends. How do we establish this? By taking our time and listening. We understand our materials and bring our craftsmanship and experience to bear. And you – you bring your dreams.

Ilona Krajnik
Born in Kassel / Joiner / Studied Interior Architecture in Trier / Moved to Bavaria for love / Fireplace construction / Greatest skill: understanding the essence of rooms / In love with materials / With Eham since 2005 / At home in nature

September 2019

Elias Kronberger
Born in Starnberg / Spent his youth in the Bavarian Forest / Joinery school for master craftspeople / A globetrotter at heart / Keen eye for detail / Fachakademie für Raum und Objektdesign (specialist academy for interior and object design) / With Eham for seven years / Passionate mountaineer



Eham doesn’t just stand for wood, floors and unique kitchens. Above all else, Eham also stands for interior architecture. Who comes to consult you?

Ilona Krajnik (IK): Most people notice our hallmark: the special emphasis of the materials. They see it when visiting friends or at a restaurant with an interior by Eham.

Elias Kronberger (EK): They sense our obsession with detail and our passion. And that, owing to our size and the craftsmanship performed in-house, we can provide an all-round service.

So are we generally talking about larger-scale projects?

IK: Essentially, we do it all. Individual tables, a kitchen island, a wooden floor. In most instances, however, the project involves holistic concepts for houses. The central focus is often the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Is there a clear division of tasks between you both?

IK: We each have our own projects – but we always seek each other’s advice and are team players. But we can definitely say that I prefer to do outlines and that Elias is very much a details man.

EK: Ilona immediately understands the context of a room or house. I prefer to tinker. I.e. how is the cupboard recessed into the wall? How should the handle be designed? How can I make the surface look even cooler? And we have amazing experts at hand who help us in this: artisanal metalsmiths, upholsterers, saddlers. Essentially, we only build unique pieces and are keen to do new things. We don’t like to repeat ourselves – that is the special Eham spirit.

IK: That’s also the spirit of Sepp (a reference to Josef Eham, the company’s founder). He doesn’t like to walk on the same well-trodden path all the time either.

How involved is Josef Eham these days?

EK: He specifically likes to get involved in planning. He has great instinct.

IK: It’s always useful to ask his opinion.

EK: And he is often more radical and courageous. When he built his own kitchen ten years ago, no one else within a 500-kilometre radius had a kitchen island made purely out of forged steel. This then went on to become one our bestsellers.

What makes customers anxious?

EK: Their inability to visualise things. That’s why we in the planning department are increasingly working with renderings.

IK: Though I also like it when we can dispense with these and the customers place their trust in us.

What do people typically underestimate?

EK: The dressing room and the entrance area. People want a huge kitchen and an even bigger dining room, then only notice how important a generously proportioned entrance area is once they’ve moved in.

IK: The floor. People like to cut costs here. And yet it’s the foundation on which we stand. A room doesn’t need lots of furniture – as long as the floor is cool.

How do you build trust?

IK: Through being honest. Customers can tell perfectly well whether or not you believe in a design. I would never show them something that I don’t like.

What matters to you?

EK: That we are seen as an independent planning office. And the fact that, because we are based where we are, we can offer tremendous added value. Because we are so local. Because customers can at any time seek the advice of the craftspeople working in our workshop.

IK: We are completely free and not fixated on wood. We are not bound by any sales strategy, but instead decide what works best for each customer. If we think that a stone floor is the right solution, then that’s what we go for.

EK: The foundation of our work is craftsmanship.