At EHAM, we have already trained over 130 young talents over the years, preparing them for their journey into the trade. This year, three EHAM apprentices passed their exams and manufactured their final carpentry projects at our company. We want to showcase their great projects in more detail.

Photography: Sofie Latour
July 2023


We congratulate Tim Quade, Justin Schieritz and Christian Dietl on their graduation! Over the course of their apprenticeship, during which they contributed to the EHAM team with advice and practical assistance, we became very close. Truly outstanding projects in the crafts can only come into being if good people work together as part of a well-functioning and well-coordinated team.


“Pflastertresor” (First-aid safe) by Tim Quade

Tim Quade created a final carpentry project made of ash heartwood that is very suitable for everyday use: the “Pflastertresor”. At the youth hostel where Tim spent the early part of his apprenticeship, bandages were stored in an aging, wooden first-aid box. Tim wanted to give something back to this place and with a modern yet classy design, he created and realized a small wall box that not only serves its purpose with two compartments and small drawers, but also adds aesthetic value.


“Tischbegleiter” (Table Companion) by Justin Schiertz

Justin Schiertz created the “Tischbegleiter” made of fine walnut — a modern cabinet that can be used in all kinds of rooms. The idea for the table companion is to create more storage space in the living-dining area with a minimalist piece of furniture. This way, small and large items that do not need to remain in the center of the table all the time can be stored almost invisibly behind the darkened glass of the cabinet door during cozy evenings around the table in the kitchen or living room.


Serving cart “Jakl” by Christian Dietl

Christian Dietl designed the serving cart “Jakl” and created it from elm wood. As a mobile counterpart to the classic side table, the progressively constructed cart offers ample storage space and small compartments. This way, it provides a permanent place for all kinds of objects of dining culture around the table. The secondary body was veneered with black FENIX and the sturdy frame was sandblasted by a blacksmith, burnished and then oiled three times. Thanks to the two large wheels and the simple movement mechanism, the cart still offers a lot of flexibility — among other things, on the way between the kitchen and the dining area.

A big thank you goes to our master craftsman Dominik Würz, the Campus team leader Tobias Huber and the supervisors for the final carpentry projects, who year after year not only take our apprentices by the hand in a very friendly and kind manner, but also with great professional competence. During their time at EHAM, the young apprentices learn a lot about the craft itself, the traditions, the different new techniques, the long forgotten methods and the passion behind the joinery trade. Great thanks also go to the families and friends of our apprentices — they offer a lot of support during this intense time and are also a great source of strength during challenging moments.

Tim, Justin & Christian: We also want to thank you for the great time together and wish you good luck and success for what’s ahead.